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The Native Mobile App Builder

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YAPPIX CMSOpen-Source App Builder CMS. New Future Step!

No-code platform with drag & drop interfaces for self-development of mobile applications. Integration with AR/VR module, Voice Recognition, Machine Learning, and automatic UI/UX analytics. Our mission is to save for the entrepreneur up to 90% of the time and money on the development of a mobile application. You can customize even the smallest detail, change fonts, generate icons, interact with the device via BlueTooth


We Make App Building Easy


  • 85% 85%

Multi-vendor online store – You can create complex schemes, options, and promotions. Payment systems: Paypal, Stripe, YooMoney

Page Builder

  • 65% 65%

Custom page builder – You will be able to create your own pages with your own UI/IX. You can edit the location and distance

Social Feeds

  • 65% 65%

Simple Social Network – Create your own social network. Put likes, comment, share your posts in the feed

News Wall

  • 85% 85%

News Feed – You can publish your news in one click. Available features: comments, likes, share, and more


  • 35% 35%

Mobile site inside the app – If you have a well-designed website, then you can simply put it on the inside of the application window. 

List & Grid

  • 90% 90%

Grouping features – You can multi-group your pages into a single list or a single folder in the form of a Grid or List

Sales Wallet

  • 85% 85%

Sales Wallet for eCommerce – You can create discount coupons for any product in the store and add it to your smartphone Wallet

Push Notification

  • 15% 15%

Sender – You can send individual push notifications by category, by topic, by location, or with different filters.

Full Customization

  • 15% 15%

We will strive for multi-customization opportunities every day. Modify the UI/UX as much as possible and in detail

Apple Pay

  • 2% 2%

Apple Pay – Your customers will be able to pay for the purchased products in the eCommerce feature without contact

Google Pay

  • 2% 2%

Google Pay – Your customers will be able to pay for the purchased products in the eCommerce feature without contact


  • 15% 15%

Stripe’s products power payments for online and in-person retailers, subscriptions businesses, software platforms

Taxi Like Uber

  • 2% 2%

You will be able to develop your own cab-application and use similar algorithms as the top taxi companies

Appointment Manager

  • 2% 2%

You can create your own manager to make an appointment CRM with a doctor, a hotel, car washing or a beauty master

Video Chanel

  • 15% 15%

Integrate video streaming, Youtube, and Vimeo into your mobile app. Create your own video blogs and broadcast them to your friends.


  • 90% 90%

PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account.

Social Network

  • 2% 2%

Connect existing feeds from third-party social networks to your mobile app. Manage the flow of SMM content easily!

White Label

  • 15% 15%

Your customers will not guess where you have collected their app for them, so you can replace our brand and domain with your own


What We Will Release Soon

Form Builder

The form builder helps you create the most complex form with flexible logic and very-very difficult triggers and settings.

Speech recognition

Teach your app to understand its own voice commands. Teach the bot to communicate with your client.

Augmented Reality

Create your own scenes with augmented reality. Convenient and simple 3D and timeline editor. Great opportunity to create an AR-WIKI

Places on Maps

We plan to integrate the 2 most popular maps from Google and Yandex to adapt your app to any location..

Support Bluetooth

Your app will now be able to interact with other devices for various tasks. Bluetooth support – now it’s possible!

Like The Airbnb

Create your own classifieds boards, shopping ads from household items to real estate. Importing Ads from others services

YAPPIXWe Have Our Own Startups


AVTOMNOGO – Aggregator of car loans for individuals


Our Dream Team

Renat Usman

Renat Usman

CEO and Founder, YappiX LLC

Ignat Prokopovich

Ignat Prokopovich

Senior Web Engineer

Ruslan Ageev

Ruslan Ageev

Project Manager, YappiX LLC

Alex Karacev

Alex Karacev

Web engineer, YappiX LLC

Stanislav Protsenko

Stanislav Protsenko

Marketing and Data Analyst

Alexey Lyakhov

Alexey Lyakhov

Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer.

Marat Sharipov

Marat Sharipov

Co-Founder, YappiX LLC

Mansour Qalen

Mansour Qalen

Software developer, YappiX LLC

Web Development Company from The USA With Love from Russia

Web Development Company from California

We are one of The Best IT Companies in Russia. We are developing our startups in The United States at the moment. Our products are focused on the countries of The European Union and The United States. We develop the most sophisticated websites, highly professional mobile apps for iOS and Android. We use machine learning, GPT-3 algorithms. We create projects with augmented and virtual reality due to the regulatory NDA. We don’t share the code or ideas of our customers. 


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